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April - May        Welcome New Session
International Sports Day (6 April)
Baisakhi Celebration
July English Week III - V (8 - 12 July)
August   Independence Day and Founder’s Day Celebration
National Sports  Day (29 August)
September Teachers’ Day Celebration
Hindi Week III - V (9-13 September) 
October Gandhi Jayanti  (2 October)
Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Birthday (2 October)
Dussehra Celebration -  Special Assembly
World Walking Day(15 October)
November         Diwali Celebration -  Special Assembly
EVS Week III  -  V (4 - 8 November)
Guru Nanak Dev’s  Birthday (12 November)
Children’s Day Celebration  -  Special Assembly
December Maths Week III  -  V  (16 - 20 December)
Christmas Celebration  -  Special Assembly
January Lohri Celebration
Patriotic Week III  -  V (20 - 24 January)
Republic Day Celebration
February Traffic Rules
Road Safety Week  III - V (3 - 7 February)
    December 17, 2019  VII –IX, XI       
    December 18, 2019  III – VI


In sports, it’s not the strongest, who wins, but the most practical and skillful.


Duration Date /  Month Finals Game III - V VI - VIII IX -  XII Criteria of Matches
02-Apr-19 12-Apr-19 Roller Skating ü ü ü Heats
  09-May-19 Hockey ….. ü ü League
to 10-May-19 Table Tennis ü ü ü  League
  10-May-19 Badminton ü ü ü  League
10-May-19 10-May-19 Foot Ball ü ü ü League
01-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 Yoga ü ü ü Competition
to 19-Jul-19 Taekwondo ü ü ….. League
  26-Jul-19 Basket Ball ….. ü ü League
02-Aug-19 02-Aug-19 Cricket ….. ü ü League
05-Aug-19 06-Sep-19 Chess ….. ü ü Competition
06-Sep-19 06-Sep-19 Carrom ….. ü ü League


Classes  III – V
April - May Celebrating the spirit of sports through National Games.
National Games of different countries.
July Yoga is an art and science of living.
Yoga and Meditation.
August The cultural and pedagogical relevance of educational games.
Fun with educational games.
September Sports are the greatest physical poetry.
The World of Water Sports.
October Passion for Adventure – Core of Man’s Living Spirit.
Adventure Sports.
November thruslsigysthr v©j gkjus lsigys gkj dÒh ugha ekuuh Pkkfg,A
Òkjr ds [ksy jRu
December Winning means willing to go longer.
Laurels in Sports (National and International)
January Sports have the power to change the World.
Glimpses  of 2019.
February Olympics is a philosophy that blends sports with culture.
Olympic Games Logos
March Self belief and hard work will always earn you success.
National Sports Personalities.


Classes  VI – XII
April - May In digital world, sports provide opportunity to bring people together.
Digital Sports (Maths)
Universal Sports  (Hindi/ Sanskrit/ French)
July - August Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
The World  of Sports Literature  (English)
 History of Sports (Social Science)
October - November Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.
Techno Sports (Science)
Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
December -  January Abstract Sports Art/Sports logo and mascot (Art)
Sports 2019 (Sports & Music)
February - March Virtual reality is a technology that could actually allow you to connect on a real human level, soul-to-soul, regardless of where you are in the world. 
Virtual World of Games (Computer Science)



Month Activity
April - May Know Your School                                          Making Mother’s Day Card
Fun with Bubbles                                         Story Narration
Baisakhi Celebration                                    Show & Tell Activity (My School)
World Earth Day                                              Meet Me (Self Introduction)
        July Welcome Back to School                             Paper Tearing & Pasting Competition (L.K.G)
Beat the Heat- Ice Cream Day                     Colouring Competition (U.K.G)
Making Friendship Band
Veggie Parade
Let’s Jump, Balance and Run
      August Kite Decoration                                            Hindi Rhyme Recitation Competition (L.K.G)                         Rakhi Making                                               English Rhyme Recitation Competition (U.K.G)
Matki decoration
Handwriting Week
Picture Reading
Fun Race
   September Teachers’ Day Celebration                               Colouring Competition (L.K.G)
Tug of War                                                      Fancy Dress Competition (U.K.G)
Fun with Origami
Making Grandparent’s Day Card
     October Hand Washing Day                                        English Rhyme Recitation Competition (L.K.G)
Handwriting Week                                         Hindi Rhyme Recitation Competition (U.K.G)
Dussehra  Celebration
Diwali Celebration
Relay Race
    November Children’s Day Celebration                          Bhajan Singing Competition (L.K.G)
Yoga Day                                                           English Handwriting Competition (U.K.G)
Hula Hoop Dance
Helper’s Day
    December Making Face Mask                                        All About Me Competition (L.K.G)
Carol Singing                                                      Clay Modeling Competition (U.K.G)
Christmas Celebration
Cap and Muffler Race
      January Lohri Celebration                                             Patriotic Song Singing Competition (L.K.G) 
Dance on Dhol Beats                                   Tell-a-Tale Competition (U.K.G)
Flag Making
Let’s play Indoor Games
     February                                                                       Tell-a-Tale Competition (L.K.G)
Sports Week                                                  Hindi Handwriting Competition (U.K.G)
Clay Modeling
Best Out of Waste Activity
       March Fun & Frolic Week                                            Clay Modeling Competition (L.K.G)
Fun Races                                                      Spell Well Competition (U.K.G)
Drawing a Garden Scene
Stepping Ahead Party



Month Activity  
April - May Baisakhi Celebration              Bhangra Beats
World Heritage Day               Information and slide show on traditional games.
Earth Day  Activity Hand Impression
World Book Day  (Competition) Design a Book cover
Beat the Heat                                                                             ·        
Mother’s Day                              Let’s cool up with refreshing drinks
  Ice cream Party                                              
  Tiara Making        
July Monsoon Fun                           Pakoda Party 
Craft Time                                 Folder Making
Pitter Patter Rain Drops         Create a Monsoon Scene (Competition)
Enrich Your Knowledge          National Game - Hockey                         
August Independence Day                  Story Narration
Raksha Bandhan                      Rakhi Making
Janamashtami Celebration    Bhajan Singing Competition
Let’s Gear up for Sports         Flat Race
September Grandparent’s Day                  :   Card Making
Hindi Diwas                              :   Kavita Pratiyogita
Fun Time           :   Indoor Games
Enrich Your Knowledge                                  :   Cricket
October World Animal Day                   :   Mask Making Competition
Dussehra Celebration             :   Dussehra Scene
Diwali Celebration                   :   Chaupai Gayan
Budding Sports Stars               :    Dress up as your favourite Sports person
November Children’s Day                           :   Show Your Talent
Games and Sports                    :   Collage Making Competition
Enrich Your Knowledge          :   Badminton
December Christmas Celebration                                                                        :   Carol Singing
  :   Bell Decoration
My Favourite Game / Sport        :   Show and Tell Competition
Let’s Gear up for Sports               :   Relay Race
January Republic Day                                :   Badge Making Competition
Enrich Your Knowledge            :   Football
February Enrich Your Knowledge               :   Lawn Tennis
Fun Time                                       :  Outdoor Games
National Science Day                   :   Let’s learn through experiments
Be Creative                                   :   Clay Modeling Competition
March On the Marks- Get Set Go….       :   Fun Races
Sports Quiz     
Slide Show



Classes III - V


April - May Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.
III            : Cricket   
IV            : Table Tennis                    Let’s Explore the Game
V             : Hockey
July A good speech is like a pencil, it has to have a point.
III–V       : Poem Recitation (Sports)
August Never put an age limit on your dreams.
III & IV   : Character Dramatization (Favourite Sports person)
V             : Create your own Newspaper (Young achievers in sports under 19)
September The creative mind is a playful mind.
III–V       :  Art effect (Playground Scene)
October Practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost.
IPL/World Cup 2019 
III            : Colour the Logo                            
IV            : Placard Making
V             : Poster Making
November Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.
III–V       : Sports Quiz
December Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there.
III–V       : Athletic Meet
January You conceive world in your mind and then create it with your hands.
 Collage Making
III            : Indoor & Outdoor games
IV            : Famous sports personalities
V             : Adventurous sports
February Knowledge is learning something new every day.
III            : Sports Logo (Stick drawing)
IV & V       : Fun with Board Games
March Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game!
 Fun Time
III–V       : Indian traditional games




Month Category Department            Activity
April-May Inter-House English All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
VI    : Role Play (Impersonating exemplary Sports person)
VII   : Poem Recitation (Sports and Games)
VIII  : War of Words(Definition of Sportsmanship-Victory or   Integrity?)
July Inter-House Social - Science Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.
Sports Quiz
VI    : Games
VII   : Sports Personalities
VIII  : Olympics
August Inter-Class Science Talent wins games, Teamwork wins championship.
VI    : Design a Sports Memento
VII   : Design a Sports Certificate
VIII  : Design a Board Game
October Inter- House Hindi ru v©j eu dk leUo; % [ksy
VI    : f[kykM+h dh thouh % vkidh t+qckuh
VII   : Òk"k.k Áfr;¨fxrk ¼pfj= mRFkku dk vk/kkj&[ksy½
VIII  : [ksy¨a dh 'kfDr % dfork n~okjk vfÒO;fDr
November Inter-House Computer Science Good design is partially creatively and innovation, but primarily knowledge and awareness.
VI    : Banner Making (MS Word/Paint)
VII   : PPT Making (Lifestyle of a Sportsperson)
VIII  : PPT Making (Indian Sportsperson on International horizon)
December Inter-Class Maths It is easier to square the circle than to get round a Mathematician.
VI    :  Sports based crossword
VII   :  Sports based Coding-Decoding
VIII  : Use of  Mensuration in Sports        
January Inter-Class Sports Life is more fun if you play outdoor games.
VI    : Collage Making (Indian winners in Commonwealth 
          Games 2018)
VII   : Slogan Writing (Promoting Outdoor Games)
VIII  : Poster-Making (Healthy Lifestyle of a Sportsman)
February Inter-House Music Music is the rhythm of Sports.
VI    : Solo Classical Dance (Fusion of Dance, Yoga/Aerobics)
VII   : Group Song (Motivational songs-Sportsman spirit)
VIII  : Talent Show (Instrumental)




Month Category Department            Activity
April & May Inter-House Social Science Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, else it vanishes.
IX & X: Sports Quiz
July Inter-Class English Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.
IX: Bio-Sketch
X : Making of a Sports Star (Story writing)   
August Inter-Class Art The artist has the Universe in his mind and hands.
Making Book Jacket
IX : Biography of  a Sports Star
 X : Sports Magazine Cover
October Inter –Class Maths Wherever there is a number, there is beauty.
IX : Design a Board game
X:Measure and draw a Sport   
November Inter-House Hindi/ Sanskrit/ French Words like seeds have creative powers.
IX : Sports News 
December Inter-Class Science If you can speak you can influence; If you can influence, you can change lives.
Symposium with PPT presentation
IX   : Role of Technology in Sports.
January Inter-Class Sports Design is thinking made visual.
Let’s Design
IX : Sports Certificate




Month Category            Activity
July Inter- House The world of reality has its limits but the world of imagination is boundless.
Hues of Olympics/Asian games
August Inter-House Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
Poem Recitation (Sports)
October Inter-House Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man.
Go  quizzical (Sports 2019)
November Inter-House The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.
Topic: Olympics a sustainable legacy or expensive extravagance?
December Inter-House On the great canvas of time, We all create our own masterpiece.
Collage Making (Sports Reflections 2019)
January Inter-Class Proper nutrition is the key to unlock your body’s potential.
Be sporty with a healthy diet
Salad making (Mascot)