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Co scholastic - Skills

Activities like class presentation, talent search, debates, declamations, art competitions, dramatics, elocution, quizzes, group-dance, rangoli, poem recitation, singing, science exhibition, SUPW exhibition are organized throughout the year to showcase the hidden talent of the students in order to appreciate their efforts, motivate and boost their confidence and to enable them to reach greater heights.



Books are the mirrors of the soul.


Month Activity
April - May            Welcome New Session
International Sports Day (6 April)
Baisakhi Celebration
July English Week III - V (8 - 12 July)
August Independence Day and Founder’s Day Celebration
National Sports  Day (29 August)
September Teachers’ Day Celebration
Hindi Week III - V (9-13 September) 
October Gandhi Jayanti  (2 October)
Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Birthday (2 October)
Dussehra Celebration -  Special Assembly
World Walking Day(15 October)
November            Diwali Celebration -  Special Assembly
EVS Week III  -  V (4 - 8 November)
Guru Nanak Dev’s  Birthday (12 November)
Children’s Day Celebration  -  Special Assembly
December Maths Week III  -  V  (16 - 20 December)
Christmas Celebration  -  Special Assembly
January Lohri Celebration
Patriotic Week III  -  V (20 - 24 January)
Republic Day Celebration
February Traffic Rules
Road Safety Week  III - V (3 - 7 February)
    December 17, 2019            VII –IX, XI       
    December 18, 2019            III – VI